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Dramamine Dimenhydrinate is used to prevent and treat nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and vertigo associated with motion sickness.


Active ingredient:
Brand Name: Dramamine
Incorrect generic name: Dimenhydrinate
Categories: gastrointestinal tract

Synonym(s): Dimenhidrinato, Dimenhydrinatum, Diphenhydrinate, Diphenhydramine theoclate, Diphenhydramine 8-chlorotheophylline, Diphenhydramine 8-chlorotheophyllinate
It is also sold under the brand name(s): Dramamine, Sicknol, Wal-dram, Driminate, Gravol Im, Nauseatol, Airmit Ace, Travel Ease, Travel Tabs, Anti-nauseant, Teva-dimenate, Dimenhydrinate, Travel Sickness, Gravol Tab 25mg, Motion Sickness, Traveltabs 50mg, Nausex Tab 50mg, Dramamine Orange, Travel Tabs 50 mg, Travamine Tab 50mg, Gravol Kids Liquid, Travamine Sup 50mg, Gravergol Capsules, Gravol IV Ampoules, Dramamine for Kids, Travelmate Tab 50mg, Dimenhydrinate 50mg, Anti-nauseant Tablet, Sandoz Dimenhydrinate, Motion Sickness Relief, Dimenhydrinate Tablets, Dimenhydrinate Tab 50mg, Pac-kit Motion Sickness, Dimenhydrinate Inj 10mg, Dimenhydrinate Capsules, Gravol Filmkote Tab 15mg, Motion Sickness Tab 50mg, Gravol Long Acting Caplet, Dramamine Original Formula, Dimenhydrinate Inj 10mg/ml, Dimenhydrinate Inj 50mg USP, PMS-dimenhydrinate Tab 50mg, Riva-dimenhydrinate Tablets, Dimenhydrinate Tab 50mg USP, Apo Dimenhydrinate Tab 50mg, Motion Sickness Tablets 50mg, PMS-dimenhydrinate Syr 3mg/ml, Dimenhydrinate Injection, USP, Children’s Motion Sickness Liq, Gravol Easy To Swallow Tablets, Dimenhydrinate Tablet USP 50mg, Orb-dimenhydrinate Tablets USP, Gravol Quick Dissolve Chewable, Gravol Capsules Long Acting 75mg, Motion Sickness Original Formula, Gravol Junior Suppositories 50mg, Dimenhydrinate Injection 50mg/ml, Jamp-dimenhydrinate 50 Mg Tablets, Motion Sickness Relief Liquid Gels, Dimenhydrinate Liquid for Children, Gravol Kids Quick Dissolve Chewable, Gravol Comfort Shaped Suppositories, Gravol Tastefree Liquid Gel Capsules, Travelmate-dimenhydrinate Tablets 50mg, Motion Sickness Relief Original Formula, Original Formula Motion Sickness Relief

What is this medicine?

Dimenhydrinate is used to prevent and treat nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and vertigo associated with motion sickness.
Dimenhydrinate may also be used for purposes other than those listed in this medication guide.

What should I tell my health care provider before I take this medicine?

Before taking this medication, tell your doctor if you have

  • kidney or liver disease,

  • an enlarged prostate,

  • difficulty urinating,

  • bladder problems,

  • glaucoma,

  • asthma, or

  • an irregular heartbeat or any other type of heart disease.

You may not be able to take dimenhydrinate, or you may require a lower dose or special monitoring during treatment if you have any of the conditions listed above.
Dimenhydrinate is in the FDA pregnancy category B. This means that it is unlikely to harm an unborn baby. Do not take dimenhydrinate without first talking to your doctor if you are pregnant.
Dimenhydrinate passes into breast milk and may harm a nursing baby. Do not take dimenhydrinate without first talking to your doctor if you are breast-feeding a baby.
Dimenhydrinate is not recommended for use by children younger than 2 years of age, except under the direction of a doctor.

How should I use this medicine?

Take dimenhydrinate exactly as directed by your doctor. If you do not understand these directions, ask your pharmacist, nurse, or doctor to explain them to you.

Take each dose with a full glass of water.

To ensure that you get a correct dose, measure the liquid form of dimenhydrinate with a special dose-measuring spoon or cup, not with a regular tablespoon. If you do not have a dose-measuring device, ask your pharmacist where you can get one.

Dimenhydrinate is usually taken every 4 to 6 hours as needed. Do not take more than 400 mg of this medication in one day.

Store dimenhydrinate at room temperature away from moisture and heat.

What if I miss a dose?

Take the missed dose as soon as you remember. However, if it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and take only your next regularly scheduled dose. Do not take a double dose of this medication.

What happens if I overdose?

Seek emergency medical attention. Symptoms of a dimenhydrinate overdose include drowsiness, seizures or convulsions, difficulty breathing, and death.

What should I watch for while using this medicine?

Use caution when driving, operating machinery, or performing other hazardous activities. Dimenhydrinate may cause dizziness, drowsiness, or blurred vision. If you experience dizziness, drowsiness, or blurred vision, avoid these activities.

Use alcohol cautiously. Alcohol may increase drowsiness and dizziness while you are taking dimenhydrinate.

What side effects may I notice from this medicine?

Stop taking dimenhydrinate and seek emergency medical attention if you experience an allergic reaction (difficulty breathing; closing of your throat; swelling of your lips, tongue, or face; or hives).

Other, less serious side effects may be more likely to occur. Continue to take dimenhydrinate and talk to your doctor if you experience

  • drowsiness or dizziness;

  • restlessness, excitation, nervousness, or insomnia;

  • blurred or double vision;

  • dry mouth, nose, or throat;

  • decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea;

  • difficulty urinating; or

  • an irregular or fast heartbeat.

Side effects other than those listed here may also occur.

What may interact with this medicine?

Dimenhydrinate may increase the effects of other drugs that cause drowsiness, including antidepressants, alcohol, antihistamines, sedatives (used to treat insomnia), pain relievers, anxiety medicines, and muscle relaxants. Tell your doctor about all medicines that you are taking, and do not take any medicine unless your doctor approves.

Drugs other than those listed here may also interact with dimenhydrinate. Talk to your doctor and pharmacist before taking any prescription or over-the-counter medicines.

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